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Child Care in Surprise, AZ

For the best in childcare in Surprise, AZ, visit the nurturing facility at Montessori of Surprise.
Exercises and activities:
  • The Montessori Method has been time-tested for over 90 years and has achieved success throughout the world.
  • Each child is taught and assessed individually.
  • The child’s natural development of language is utilized in the process of learning to read.
  • The child has the unique opportunity to fulfill his potential.
  • Habits and skills developed in a Montessori classroom remain for a lifetime.
  • The Montessori Classroom is a land of opportunity for the child and
    he/she considers it a truly joyful place to be.
  • The teacher role is to give personal attention. She will not interfere with a child’s exploration, but will be readily available if help is required. She models behavior taught in the classroom.
A child working on school work at his desk.A child playing on the floor.
Practical Life-
The objectives of practical life exercises are to help the child develop stronger concentration and coordinated movement. These exercises enable the child to adapt to his environment and establish independence.
Sensorial –
The sensorial materials help the child to develop order and clarity in thinking. They include activities to aid the child in classification, comparison, and contrast of size, weight, shape, texture, color, etc.
Language –
The language activities are designed to develop the child’s ability to communicate through spoken language, to explore the sound/symbol relationship, to express self through written work and to use skills gained in practical life and sensorial work for sequencing and performing small controlled movements.
Mathematics –
Hands-on mathematics exercises explore ways in which quantities are related by identifying number symbols and associating them to quantities, and by exploring similarities and differences between quantities. The work progresses from concrete to abstract using manipulative materials.
Science/Geography –
These activities are designed to help the child become aware of and appreciate the diversity of the world. By examining the human plant and animal world, the child gains exposure to the life that surrounds them. The child is taught a respect for taking care of his/her environment.

So for the premiere childcare in Surprise, AZ, visit us at Montessori of Surprise and find out how we can prepare your child for the future.