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We have been blessed to be a part of the Montessori of Surprise family for 3 years. Our boys are receiving the best education a child could ask for. The staff is wonderful, dedicated and encompass the values of Montessori teaching.

Angela Zarn


Our daughter attended Montessori of Surprise for two and a half years. We had to relocate, and I don’t know if the adjustment has been more difficult for our child or for us! Not only do the teachers at MOS care about each child on a personal level, but the directors do as well. As a result of everything she learned at this school, our daughter is excelling at her current school–socially and academically. We are so grateful for the foundation she had at Montessori of Surprise!

Chantel Jones


My husband and I were on a search to find a school for our 20 month old daughter… but not just any school. We wanted a school with an educational format (not just a “babysitter” to care for our child while we worked) and we wanted to KNOW our daughter was in a loving environment. This combination is not easy to come by these day! We found several schools that were fairly good, but nothing jumped out at us as being “perfect”…. until we toured MOS. And even then, we felt great about the place, but realized that we wouldn’t truly know until Bailey was enrolled and we became involved. We felt good about the people (who would soon surround my daughter) right away! The education method is unique and extremely well thought out for each age and development level. Bailey learned SO much from each of her teachers, that my mother thought she was a genius! (Seriously… when grandma visited, she thought Bailey was naturally gifted and had the smarts of a rocket scientist!). We grew to love the staff more and more as we got to know each of them. And it was easy to see that they truly loved Bailey as well. I can not say enough about what an excellent school MOS is! I recommend it to everyone I talk to!

Sadly, we moved out of Surprise in December and eventually had to move Bailey into a school closer to our home. It is a highly rated school that has great qualities, but I’m afraid I’ve been spoiled with MOS and her current school just can’t compare! It’s truly an amazing difference! MOS taught her more than just her ABC’s and 123’s, the staff also taught my daughter life skills and behavioral skills. Everyone comments on what a great kid we have! She’s well behaved and understands so much! And she’s full of personality! I see a difference in the way the teachers at MOS (compared to our current school) handle the classroom. MOS is so organized (which is what children need) that the kids just automatically behaved kind and knew how to handle stressful situations in their little worlds, they walked down the hall proudly with hands behind their backs smiling up at their parents and the MOS staff. My little one always gave hugs as she left for the day. It’s such a difference from other schools that it’s difficult to describe in an email. Bailey is a much better person because of her experience at MOS. She’s only 3 years old, but she often times mentions her MOS teachers and friends. She misses them all (and so do we)!!

Thank you MOS for everything you did for our family!
The Sniders


I had just moved from Mesa to the West Valley & was looking to get my son into more than just a daycare. I toured a few schools & just wasn’t getting a comforting feeling. I mixed up appointments & ended up at Montessori of Surprise instead of the school I had an appointment, well that search was over. The staff was incredible, very friendly and my son’s teacher did more than needed to help my son feel welcomed at a difficult time for him. I can’t thank the school enough…great school. My son’s development exceeded my expectations. Thank you again.


I am amazed at the changes we have seen in our 2 year old, Billy. I absolutely adore this school, and so does he! Every day he wakes up and runs down the stairs, gets his clothes on, and says “ready to go school!!!”. Thank you for making this a great experience for the entire family.

The Benton”s


My son has been attending Montessori of Surprise for 2 years. He will be entering his first grade year this Fall. I am very excited for him! I teetered back and forth about having him attend a public school, after all, it would save me money… But what it boiled down to was what was best for my son. He is 5 years old and reading chapter books! Could I really pull him out of a school that has become his second home, where he is reading “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”, and put him into a school where friendly faces are seldom, and where he would be reading “Dick and Jane” books? Of course not! Now, he has a fabulous teacher who adores him (& we adore her) – Ms. Leisa. I couldn’t ask for a school more perfectly suited to my son than MOS! And as I type, listening to him read, “Extreme Skaters… I’m going to do this rad jump! Watch out for that telephone wire… I am sure glad I wore my helmet!” I know I am making the best choice for him! “Dick runs fast.” Can’t
Thank you MOS for two years of an unbeatable education! I can’t wait to see what the next three has in store!!!


I moved to Surprise with my (then 14 month-old) son in September 2008. I found a job s a teacher at a local daycare center and enrolled my son at the same center. That lasted about 2 months. After finding my toddler wandering down the hall of that center with no adult in sight I began to hunt for a new school for him. I found MOS by accident, I took a wrong turn, I still didn’t know the area. I walked in, no tour scheduled, and was met at the door by the school director. She took my son and me on a tour, impressed is not even the word I would use to describe how I felt when I left. I enrolled my son the next day.

He has now been attending MOS for about 9 months, he is now 2, and has the most extensive vocabulary I have ever seen in a child his age. The day I knew he was actually LEARNING, not just being “watched” was when I was on the phone with my cousin, we were talking about Paris, France. My then, 22-month old ran to our fridge pointing and yelling, “Paris Mommy! Paris!”… I stood up and walked to the fridge, and there, high above his eye level, was a picture I took of the Eiffel Tower when I had been in Paris. He had made that connection from flash cards that were available to him in his Montessori class. No one can tell me that there is not a difference between what the “chain” daycares offer and what a Montessori education offers… the key word here is EDUCATION, even for toddlers! Trust me, there IS a difference.


My 3 year old daughter has attended MOS for 9 months. In 9 months, she learned to count 1-50, she know all of her colors and that by mixing primary colors, you get secondary colors, she knows that penguins live in Antarctica, she recites the pledge of allegiance, and sings the Star Spangled Banner at the top of her lungs. This school is remarkable.
Thank you for loving, teaching, and caring about my daughter!


I’m amazed at how my boys have changed over the last year while attending Montessori of Surprise. Previously they attended a well known daycare chain and I recognized that they were not being challenged. This led to some behavior issues with my (now 5 year old) son because of the boredom. Over the last year at Montessori he has been learning how to read, working in mathematics (including multiplication) and general life skills that he now does at home which has helped him to be more confident and independent. My youngest son started in the toddler room and recently moved up to the pre-school room and he too is developing into an independent thinker and ‘do-er’!! The biggest change I see with him is his vast vocabulary. It still amazes me when he uses words in the right context that I had no idea he knew. What 2 or 3 year old uses the words; crumple, delicious or humongous? A Montessori trained child! I LOVE MOS and the staff – OUTSTANDING!!


I absolutely LOVE Montessori of Surprise! It is a beautiful school inside and out! My son attends the school and I am amazed how much he has learned since he started. The lessons they do with the children are amazing and my son just loves to go to school. The best part is that his teacher knows everything about him and I don’t feel like he’s just another child in the class like the previous daycare he attended. If you’re looking for a place where your child will “learn” everyday, this is the place you want to bring him/her. They have wonderful staff and I know that my child is in good hands.


After trying two daycares in the Surprise area I saw an advertisement for the Montessori School. After doing some research about the methods etc I called the school and eagerly awaited opening day. My daughter at the time was just shy of 2 years old and labeled as non-verbal/speech-delayed by her doctors. With the teacher/student ration I really feel like my daughter gets a lot of individual attention. She’s learning by leaps and bounds and she loves to tell me about her friends, her ‘work’, and of course about her teachers. She is always upset when it is time to leave for the day because she wants to stay with her friends and teachers! I love how the teachers sincerely care about their students and how the students love their teachers. I also love that the Montessori of Surprise school actively participates in their community by having the children share their holiday songs with the senior center and they even did a halloween costume parade for the senior citizens!! Soon my daughter will be three and she is quite vocal now; she’s accomplished so much in this past year! Montessori of Surprise educates and loves your child in comparison to the daycares in the area that just provide supervision with no education and no emotional connections! Thank you Montessori of Surprise!


After pulling my son out of a daycare center, I found Montessori of Surprise online and arranged a tour. I was so thoroughly impressed by everything about the school, from its cleanliness, compassionate and dedicated teachers, and their respect for the individuality of each child. I signed my son up on the spot and it has been possibly the best decision I have ever made for him. He loves his school, his teachers, and his friends. The environment is fun and challenging. He looks forward to each new day with enthusiasm and enjoys telling me about all of the fun activities he engaged in during the day. We plan to keep him here through kindergarten and first grade.


It was by accident that I stumbled onto Montessori of Surprise – the best accident ever! I have a 5 year old son who attends this school & WE absolutely love it there! We love it so much that we plan on staying on through his kindergarten year. The academics alone are amazing, but then, you throw in art, music and Spanish lessons AND great, caring teachers… All I can say is if you are looking for a top-notch preschool, this is the one. I sound like an advertisement, but I promise I am not… I am just lucky to have found such a wonderful school. When I pick up my son every day, he always has something new and exciting to tell me about… his friends, his teacher, his “work”… there’s always something. :o) That makes me so happy

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